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What are the limitations of a PD-Proxy VPN Premium account?

Posted on May 11, 2012 @ 1:49 pm - Category : Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What are the limitations of a PD-Proxy VPN Premium account?

  • You can only download torrent files using our torrent servers. Any user who will be detected downloading torrent files using non-torrent servers will have his account terminated immediately.
  • SMTP, RDP and SSH ports are blocked as a small minority where abusing our service. This reduces abuse reports by 99% which means we can get on with making the service better.
  • There is a 100MB bandwidth limit on our GAMING Servers since those servers are intended to be used for gaming purposes only.
  • Applications that can be used to spam websites like Xrumer, ScrapeBox, SENuke and other simillar programs are strictly prohibited. ( Your account will be terminated if these applications are used while using our service.)

Q: Is there a bandwidth limit on your premium accounts?
A: There are no bandwidth limits on our servers except for the designated Gaming servers which has a 100MB/day limit.

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