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How to upgrade my PD-Proxy account using G-Cash

Posted on February 14, 2012 @ 8:50 am - Category : Frequently Asked Questions
If you want to upgrade your account using gcash just login to your control panel and then visit this page https://www.pdproxy.com/gcash-payment.htm Our GCash account is posted in that page.

After sending your payment, just enter your reference number and the amount you sent in the page. You will have two options to choose from "Activate/Extend my premium subscription automatically" and "Give me a voucher code"

If you choose "Activate/Extend my premium subscription automatically" the account that is currently logged in will be automatically upgraded/extended to premium after our server received and verified your payment.

If you choose "Give me a voucher code" you will be able to see a new tab in your control panel listing your new voucher code after our server received and verified your payment. You can then apply that voucher code to any pdproxy account you want. There is a link in your control-panel labeled "Apply voucher code". Just click that link to enter your voucher code.

Activation is WITHIN 24hours but normally it is INSTANT the delay only happens if we do not received the GCash notification immediately.

If you do not have GCash or PayPal you can contact our resellers which can offer other payment methods: http://www.pdproxy.com/resellers.htm

For Pricing please visit: http://www.pdproxy.com/premium.htm

You can check the status of your account in your control panel https://www.pdproxy.com/control-panel.htm

Do not forget to read our terms of service and frequently asked questions page:



NOTE: We do not offer support thru text messages or phone calls. If you need support, please send your concerns to sales [@] pdproxy dot com.

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