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How to Improve Your PD-Proxy Connection Speed

Posted on November 3, 2011 @ 6:25 pm - Category : How-to
PD-Proxy connection tends to be slow compared to the normal internet connection due to latency and encryption issues. There is typically a least 30% speed performance drop for latency related issues. Encryption is another reason why PD-Proxy tends to be slow. However, encryption related causes can be improved by employing powerful CPU hardware as encryption is generally CPU intensive. PD-Proxy recognizes this fact and employs high end powerful servers for provisioning PD-Proxy VPN servers. We also monitor all our servers in real time for speed issues.

Generally, the performance of PD-Proxy will depend on the following factors:

  1. Latency issues
  2. User Computer CPU speed and hardware
  3. User internet connection speed

In order to assist our subscribers in getting better and faster PD-Proxy connections, the following recommendations are provided:

1. Ensure that your computer CPU speed is reasonable. As encryption depends to a large extent on the computer CPU speed, using a reasonable CPU speed will help boost your PD-Proxy connection

2. Ensure that the remote site you are connecting to is loading up with the expected speed without the PD-Proxy connection. You can test the time it takes for the site to load by going to:


If the remote site is not loading as fast as expected, it could be that the site is having some issues.

3. Test for latency related issues. Latency which is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another can influence your PD-Proxy connection speed. You can test for any latency related issues for any of our PD-Proxy server by using a freely available tool known as "Visual Route". This software is available for download from the vendor at : http://download.visualware.com/pub/vr/vrle.exe

You can easily identify problematic route characterized by high pings by examining the gradient/slope of the hop bars. If you observe latency related issues with any of the server, it is advisable that you switch to another server until the latency issue is resolved by the network in question.

4. Ensure that you are connected to the closest PD-Proxy server location of your choice. The nearer you are to the PD-Proxy server, the better the speed. You can significantly improve your PD-Proxy speed by connecting to the PD-Proxy server which is nearer to you. ie in the same country or close to your country. Sometimes it may be necessary to switch to another server location if you experience significant speed loss which can result from server overload or network issues.

For our USA servers, if you are connecting from the Philippines, you can get best speeds by connecting to WestCoast servers (eg: Phoenix or California).

5. Tweak your network TCP settings for Windows. You can use a freeware tool for Windows (TCP Optimizer) for optimizing, tweaking and tuning network settings. By using the presets (Windows Default, Current, Optimal, Custom), you can easily tweak all settings with one click. The tool is available for download at :


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